Starting a new business comes with the struggle of making decisions about your business structure. Entrepreneurs are often stuck between choosing LLC Filing, Limited Partnership, Sole Proprietorship, and other business organizations. Selecting a business structure has an impact on your business longevity. Your business reputation, personal tax situation, legal actions, your liability for debts and legal action, and others will also be affected by the choices you make to formalize your company. This is where LLC Filing companies enter the picture. Limited Liability Company is a business structure where members are not liable for the company’s liabilities or debt. It is considered easy, the most flexible and effective business structure to create by experts. LLC Registration is a popular choice for small business owners because of its liability protection, cost of registration, taxation, and management flexibility. Understanding the benefits of LLC is essential for business success. Read on as Global Multi Services gives us information that will help you determine if an LLC is right for your business.

Benefits of LLC Filing 

Here are the benefits of LLC Filing for your business

Management and Ownership Flexibility 

Limited Liability Company has enormous flexibility when it comes to management and ownership. They also have no restrictions when it comes to the members they can have. LLC can choose to be member-managed or manager-managed. That is, members can share the responsibilities of the day-to-day operation of the business or designate one or more managers to run the business. The manager can be a member of the LLC, a non-member.

Personal Liability Protection

LLC provides its members personal liability protection. That is, owners are not personally responsible for any debt or business-related lawsuit incurred by the company. Creditors can only file lawsuits against the LLC and cannot collect any personal assets of the members. These include personal accounts, personal properties, and many more.

Tax advantage 

LLC Filing companies benefit from pass-through taxation because they are not taxed as a business entity which means members avoid double taxation. The profits and losses incurred by the company pass through the business to the member’s tax return and are taxed at their rates. Singled-member LLCs are taxed the same as sole proprietorships, while two or more members are taxed as a partnership business structure.

Disadvantages of LLC Filing

Here are the disadvantages of LLC Filing

Expensive to setup 

An LLC is generally expensive to form and maintain when compared to a sole proprietor or a partnership. States charge an initial LLC Filing fee, and many states also impose ongoing fees such as annual reports, franchise tax fees, and many more. LLC Filing Companies also have a written agreement laying out how the LLC will be governed.

Transferable ownership 

Transfer of ownership in LLC is often hard as all the members must approve adding new members or altering the ownership percentages of existing members. Unlike corporations, where the company can sell shares of stock to increase its ownership.


A variety of permits and licenses such as the Oregon permits, apply to trucking companies operating interstate. Starting a trucking business in the US is more than just having the perfect location for your trucking office and the best-equipped truck. You need to keep track of the numerous government requirements that are often complicated and takes time. Therefore, if you are planning to start a reputable trucking business, you should obtain the authority to operate legally as an interstate trucking company through a reliable permit specialist. With the constant incorporation of trucking companies, Global Multi Services put together the importance of using a trucking permit company. Let’s dive in.

Prevents Delay in business schedule with your Oregon permits

Trucking services is a day-to-day operation, and any delay can lead to disruption in delivery time and consequent activities. Time is an important virtue in business and any bridge of agreement with your customers can cause mistrust. One of the ways to avoid this bizarre situation is by working with a trucking permit company. They ensure your permit are up to date and process other licenses faster and error-error.

Easy OreGon permits Completion

The setback in processing permits for trucking companies is the difficulty of compiling all necessary documents. But it cannot be escaped because the documents are important for completing the process. New trucking companies often face worse situations but, this can be eradicated through the help of a trucking permit company. They know all the license processing and are best at it. With then handling your paperwork, you can rest assured you are in good hands, and getting your Oregon Truck Permit won’t be a problem.

Avoid Complicated Process

If you are new to the trucking industry, you may be in for unpleasant surprises. Every state has regulations regarding weight limits, permits registration, weight per axle limits, many more. These regulations are often difficult to come by. Using a trucking permit company will help navigate the complex regulations of every state and help you obtain the permits suitable for your company. You don’t have to go through hectic registration processes. Let them solve all the problems for you.

Effortless Oregon PUC Permit Approval

Complying with the regulations of the trucking industry takes time and effort. With the trucking permit company working in your stead, you will receive your Oregon permits and license in no time without any complication or stress. They have the experience and expertise to take care of all the paperwork and permit needs. Hiring them is no doubt very beneficial.

Saves Times and Money

Meeting deadlines is paramount in every business. While the services of trucking permit companies are not free, it is better than wasting money on fines and penalties from non-compliance to the regulations governing the trucking industry. The money that goes down the drain can be circumvented by hiring a trucking permit company to get your permit done. They are experts and ensures you have all the necessary permits and licenses.


The carrier Identification Number is a number used by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration to identify potential unsafe motor carriers when analyzing crash data. It is also essential for monitoring motor carrier’s safety records and other valuable information. CA Number is assigned to motor carriers by the United States Department of Transportation and a crucial element for motor carrier’s safety and compliance. Trucking companies operating interstate and transport passengers require permits, freights, and hazardous materials are mandatory to obtain a USDOT and register with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration to stay in compliance.

Registering for a USDOT can sometimes be a long and winding road especially, for newly emerging trucking companies. Fortunately, Global Multi Services is here to help navigate the paths to obtaining your Motor Carrier Identification Number.

Why you need to obtain USDOT Number?

Obtaining a USDOT Number can be daunting at first, but it is essential for commercial motor vehicles operating across state lines.

Here are the reasons to have a USDOT Number.

Ensures Safety and Compliance

 The USDOT compliance is a part of ensuring safety in the trucking industry.  Having a USDOT Number ensures the safety of motor carriers and drivers. It is for monitoring trucking company’s safety records, drug and alcohol testing, analyze crash investigations.  Also, it is for compliance reviews and many more. This help motor carriers stay in compliance, protect properties and lives, passenger, and other drivers safe while driving.

Part of Government Regulation

There is a chance you will need a USDOT Number if you are in the US trucking industry. Apart from the federal law, many states require motor carriers to have a USDOT Number. Therefore, you need to visit your state FMCSA website to know if it is required or not. Who then needs a USDOT? Motor carriers operating interstate and meet any of the following qualifications are mandatory to obtain a USDOT Number.

  • Motor carriers operating interstate
  • Motor Vehicles used to carry more than eight passengers for compensation.
  • Motor vehicles used to carry more than sixteen passengers without compensation.
  • Motor carriers with gross vehicle weight or gross combination weight of 10,000 lbs. and more.
  • Motor carriers used for transporting materials labeled as hazardous by the Secretary of Transportation.

Indicates Your Business Registration

Having a USDOT Number indicates your registration with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. You are also be trusted, dedicated to your business, and ensure safety at all costs. These will make other companies and drivers patronize your business. Remember, safety compliance and operations lead to reliability, effective, and last longing business.

When to obtain USDOT Number?

The USDOT Number is issued by registering through the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration website. The registration is free but, you need proof of identity such as your credit card number to verify your application. You can file out a paper application and send the form through mail to the FMCSA office if you are not comfortable sharing your credit card details.