New York State is one of those states in the United States Of America that charge Highway Use Tax or New York HUT, in addition to the federal road tax, from the Heavy Weight Vehicles traveling on their roads. But a noteworthy thing here is that they do not charge tax for roads that they already have their Toll booths on. Global Multi Services is one of the leading trucking services providers, excelling in providing New York HUT Permit and New York HUT Filing services to its customers.


The New York HUT or the New York Highway Use Tax comes under Article 21 of the New York State Tax Department. It is also known as Truck Mileage Tax. The truckers operating and maneuvering through the New York Public Highways must comply with these regulations and pay taxes accordingly to the New York State Tax Department quarterly. The New York HUT is a weight-distance tax, and it is charged based on the distance traveled by the vehicles on the New York Public Highways. But always keep in mind that they do not charge such tax for traveling on the roads on which they already charge Toll tax.


The following categories of vehicles are entitled to get the New York HUT Permit and pay taxes:

  • The tractors, trucks, or self-propelled vehicles which have a gross vehicle weight of 18,000 pounds or more
  • Dolly, trailers, semi-trailers, or other dawn vehicles transport Automotive fuel and have a gross vehicle weight of 18,000 pounds.
  • Automotive fuels are mainly diesel motor fuels such as kero-jet fuels and Kerosene, and motor fuels such as aviation gas, Benzol, and gasoline.
  • If you are using the unloaded weight method, then the tractors weighing above 4,000 pounds, and the trucks weighing above 8,000 pounds.


The following classes of vehicles are exempted from paying New York Highway Use Tax:

  • The road building and road maintenance vehicles such as Road Rollers, Truck Cranes, Tractor Cranes, Power Shovels, Snow Plows, Road Sweepers, Sand Spreaders, Well Drillers, and Buses.
  • Vehicles used to transport The United States Mail.
  • The Vehicles being driven by the government agencies and departments of The United States.
  • Vehicles, used for agricultural purposes.
  • Vehicles, used for the transportation of household goods under the authority of the New York State or The United States Department Of Transportation.
  • Recreational Vehicles are only used for personal pleasure and not for commercial purposes.


The New York HUT is much more like the IFTA system, as it has to be filed quarterly, and you have to create a thorough account of your travel details. With the expertise of Global Multi Services, you could free yourself from the hectic process of keeping track of your travel details and filing the quarterly taxes. Global Multi Services is thriving in the field of providing trucking services for the past fifteen years. Our skilled and proficient experts will help you get your New York Permit soonest, and we’ll also do your quarterly New York HUT Filing too.