Before operating as a trucking company in the United States, there are numerous permits and licenses you must obtain and keep current. Adhering to these regulations is key to maintaining your legal authority. It also indicates you have the skills, knowledge, and determination to ensure the safe movement of drivers, freight, and other commercial road users. Failure to comply can result in state-imposed penalties, denial, revocation, and suspension of your license. Global Multi services have the expertise and experience to help you navigate required permits before you hit the road. We provide trucking permit services to ensure you stay in compliance with regulations.



The Unified Carrier Registration is compulsory for motor carriers hauling freight across states and international borders. Trucking companies must register in their base jurisdiction to obtain UCR Permit. They are also required to pay an annual fee according to the number of vehicles in their fleet. Failure to comply with this regulation can lead to detention and penalties by the officials.


Trucking authority is a unique identifier issued to commercial trucking companies by theĀ  Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration to participate in interstate commerce. Obtaining your MC Authority gives you complete freedom to run your trucking business and stay compliant with the industry regulations.


USDOT Number is issued to trucking companies by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration to monitor the safety information obtained during compliance reviews, crash investigations, and inspections. It also ensures safe, modern, and efficient transport systems in the United States. Failure to obtain your USDOT Number can lead to costly fines and penalties.


A motor carrier permit is a document issued to motor carriers as evidence of registration with the Department of Motor Vehicles. It also indicates meeting all the requirements to operate commercially in the United States. The permit contains information specific to the motor carrier information such as Name, CA#, Mailing address, permit expiration date, and many more.


TheĀ  International Registration Plan allows motor carriers to operate in all 48 contagious states and Canadian provinces at a specific weight with one plate. Motor carriers must register in their base jurisdiction to receive IRP Plates. They must also track and report the mileage driven in each jurisdiction and file IRP Plate Renewal quarterly to stay compliant.


The International Fuel Tax Agreement allows motor carriers to use a single fuel license while operating across member jurisdictions. Qualified motor carriers must register, obtain IFTA permits and file IFTA Fuel Tax Returns in their base jurisdiction.


Trucking companies need to obtain a New Mexico permit, Kentucky Permit, New York HUT, and Oregon permits to travel across these states. Motor carriers planning to operate across Canada must also register and obtain a Canada permit to be eligible.



Every state has different permit regulations, and motor carriers operating interstate must have the permits to avoid penalties. Understanding the permits you need in each state can be stressful and confusing. That’s why we are here to take on the process for you. We will help you get all the permits you need to travel in each state.


Applying for permits in different states can be time-consuming. Your application can also be delayed or canceled if you make mistakes. Global Multi Services speeds up the process for you without error. We know the requirements for each state and will get all the permits you need in the shortest possible time.


Global Multi Services offers fast, easy, and affordable trucking permits. Our specialists will work with you to keep you and your fleet up-to-date.


Running a trucking business in the United States requires hoops to jump through. These include obtaining USDOT Numbers, documentation, route check, and many more. The Department of Transportation mandates registration of USDOT Numbers for trucking companies to evaluate their safety practices. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration issues USDOT Numbers for trucking companies. They also regulate the transportation industry to reduce accidents and injury by monitoring commercial vehicles and trucking companies. These ensure safe, modern, and efficient transport systems in the United States. Are you wondering if you need to have a USDOT Number.? Read on as Global Multi services explain USDOT Number and their importance


USDOT Number is a unique identifier issued to trucking companies by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration after registering their vehicle with the Department of Transportation. It regulates the commercial driving industry to reduce accidents and injury. It also allows the collection and monitoring of trucking company safety information from safety audits, reviews of compliance, and investigations.

The USDOT ensures the United States has safe, modern, and efficient transport systems. Additionally, potential customers can use a USDOT Number to see if the trucking company they hire has registered with the U.S. Department of Transportation. They can also check its safety information from the FMCSA website.


The USDOT number is mandatory for trucking companies transporting passengers or hauling cargo in interstate commerce. It is also compulsory for trucking companies to transport hazardous materials across interstate and intrastate in quantities requiring a safety permit.

You also need a USDOT Number if you operate vehicles with the following:

  • GVWR, GCWR, GVW, or GCW with 10,000 lbs and above.
  • Transport more than eight people with the driver for compensation.
  • Transport more than 15 passengers with the driver without compensation.
  • Travel from one place to another within or outside a state (including outside the United States).
  • Travel from one place to another within a state through other states.


Doing a diligence check on the USDOT Number of commercial vehicles is essential to ensure safety and scam. The search provides you with information that will allow you to make informed decisions when choosing a trucking company to move your freight based on their past performance. Here is the importance of the USDOT Number.


The Federal Monitor Carrier Safety Administration has websites that provide easy access to valuable safety-related information on trucking companies. But you must have the Company name, USDOT Number and Motor Carrier to access it.


The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration uses safety ratings to indicate trucking company compliance. A blank safety rating often shows the company has a high crash history. The safety rating is grouped into the following:

  • Satisfactory: The record reveals no evidence of non-compliance with the safety requirements.
  • Conditional: The document displays the trucking company was out of compliance with one or more safety requirements.
  • Unsatisfactory: The records indicate evidence of non-compliance to safety requirements.


Checking the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration database protects you from hiring trucking companies operating without proper certification. The company profile on the website contains operating status like active or authorized for household goods. Therefore, trucking companies listed on the website as “Out of Service” or “Unauthorized for Household Goods” must be avoided. Also, USDOT Numbers that do not match their company profile are a red flag that indicates the company is not safe.


The FMCSA certified auditor is responsible for conducting safety audits at the offices of the trucking companies or electronically by submitting relevant documents to FMCSA online or by mail. The Federal Monitor Carrier Safety Administration often informs trucking companies of the type of audit they want to carry out.

During the Safety Audit, trucking companies will provide the following:

  • Documentation that verifies they have established safety management controls.
  • Documents about drivers and vehicles.
  • General operating procedures.
  • Record-keeping requirements.


The Federal Monitor Carrier Safety Administration website lists the crash history of trucking companies. The section has four columns:

Fatal: The number in the column shows fatal accidents experienced by trucking companies
Injury: The number in the column shows the company injuries obtained by trucking companies
Tow: The number in the column shows the towing history of the trucking companies
Total: The number in the column shows the total crash incurred by the company.