Truck Permits & Plates Modesto

Truck Permits & Plates Modesto

Trucking companies must obtain proper permits and a registration number to operate legally in the city of Modesto. Applicants are required to fill some forms, and the registration process often takes days to weeks. The permit helps in regulating the movement of oversized freight across the city bridges and roads. These ensure roads and truck safety. Global Multi Services experts can help you get your truck permits.


The city of Modesto requires motor carriers to register and obtain their truck plates. Global Multi Services makes applying and obtaining truck plates easier for trucking companies in Modesto. We understand the importance of running a legal trucking business, and we are here to help you obtain your truck plates in Modesto and other cities.


Global Multi Services can get you truck plates and truck permits in Modesto without stress. We have all the requirements and expertise to file your truck plates in Modesto. Whether you newly start your trucking business, or you’ve been running it for a while, Global Multi Services will help you complete all the legal formalities and get your business running in no time. Contact us today to do what we know how to do best.


IRP Plate

Trucking companies operating across multiple jurisdictions need to apply for IRP Plate to avoid hefty penalties. The plan is an agreement between the 48 contagious states of the United States and the provinces of Canada. Motor carriers need to register and pay an apportionable fee in their base jurisdiction. The fees s based on the total distance operated in each member jurisdiction. The IRP plates in Modesto aim to maintain the city highway. Global Multi Services help trucking companies process and obtain their IRP Plates. Let us keep your trucking operation legal, safe and effective.

IFTA Permit

International Fuel Tax Agreement is an agreement signed between the United States and the provinces of Canada to make fuel tax reporting easy for motor carriers traveling across state lines. Registered trucking companies with IFTA permits in Modesto receive an IFTA license and two IFTA decals. Contact professionals at Global Multi Services to help set up your IFTA account. We will get it done instantly and without error.

MC Authority

Trucking companies need an MC Authority to operate as for hire, transport Federal regulated commodities or transport passengers in interstate commerce in Modesto. At Global Multi services, we are here to help you obtain your MC Authority and other truck permits to stay compliant in Modesto. Reach out to us today to avoid paying costly fines.

DOT Number

The DOT number is issued to motor carriers by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. Motor carriers with a Gross vehicle weight of 10,000 pounds and above need to obtain the DOT number in Modesto. Filling your DOT number is easier with the help of Global Multi Services. Let us help you get your DOT Number without stress.