Compliance plays a large part in how trucking companies operate in the United States. And the last thing you want is to be penalized for not complying with the Department of Transportation or Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration regulations as a trucking company. It is paramount to stay on top of the laws to keep your employers and fleet safe while upholding the best standards as you transport loads across the interstate and intrastate boundaries. These include obtaining your MC Permit and other license.

Partnering with a trucking permit service provider who knows the ins and outs of trucking regulations can save you from penalties. Global Multi Services is here to help you stay up to date with the FMCSA regulations and assist you in filing your MC Permit when necessary. We will manage all your paperwork and ensure everything is fast and precise. Read on as we go over what you need to do to stay in compliance in the trucking industry.

MC Permit


Trucking companies operating commercially interstate and intrastate are mandated to apply for motor carrier permits.  Motor carriers transporting federally regulated goods across state lines and intrastate must also obtain their MC Permit. These applications authorize their interstate travel and must be in place before they can operate legally.  Some trucking services also require several MC Authorities. Therefore, check the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration website to know the operating authorities to stay compliant.


The Unified Carrier Registration requires trucking companies to register and pay an annual fee in their base state if they participate in international or interstate commerce.  The registration fee is based on the size of your fleet and must be renewed every year. Trucking companies must register with a participating neighboring state if their base state does not participate in UCR.  According to law, motor carriers operating over state lines without paying their yearly fee will get pulled over and subject to fines and penalties.


Trucking companies involved in interstate and intrastate commerce must retain verification of their driver’s legal and physical ability to operate their fleet. Your drivers need to have proper qualifications for successful and safe operations in the United States.


According to federal law, all trucking companies must adhere to drug and alcohol testing requirements. Therefore, they must perform a drug and alcohol pre-test for truck drivers and other employers that have not participated in random DOT testing within the last 30 days before hiring them. The test needs to be done before conducting any safety-sensitive performances. Truck drivers and other employers can also join a DOT Random Drug Testing Consortium program to help manage the company’s drug and alcohol testing.


Global Multi Services help trucking companies avoid violations and follow the FMCSA laws and regulations. We keep up with the latest requirements and trends to help our customers stay informed, confident, and ready to act when necessary. Our professionals are here to make your job easier by providing all the trucking licenses and permits you need to stay in compliance.

Have you been working with trucking companies for many years? And you are considering stepping out to get your MC Authority? Having your motor carrier authority gives you many opportunities to increase your revenue and grow your trucking business. But it is not for everyone because many people have taken the leap and either burned out or failed.

Running a trucking company takes a lot of additional skills beyond driving. And many great drivers don’t have the business skills necessary to run a successful company. So, how do you know obtaining an MC Authority is the right move for you? Global Multi Services has compiled the cons of having your MC Authority, let’s dive in.

MC Authority


Having an MC Authority comes with the responsibilities of handling new roles in the company. It requires you to be more than just a driver and could have you working for longer hours than usual. You become your company’s CEO, sales and billing supervisor, dispatcher, manager, compliance ad safety office, and many more. These are often necessary if you are developing systems to make your business run smoothly. You may also have to work harder and smarter every week to keep your rig on the road.


With MC Authority, drivers often struggle to find consistent freight at great rates. They are new to the business and have not built lasting relationships with shippers. Giving your load to a trucking company requires trust, loyalty, and experience. Everyone prefers companies with good track records and expertise that they can trust. And many new trucking companies do not have that. These make brokers hesitant to work with them. Growing your business requires you to actively and persistently look for new loads and negotiate your rates.


Trucking companies with the new MC Authority run into a lot of competition for top rates. They will be competing with big companies with years of experience, marketing teams, and loads of loyal customers. And the company can sometimes charge low to reposition their trucks. They will also compete with owner-operators who barely charge enough to keep fuel in their tanks. To build customer trust and increase your brand visibility, you need to adopt strategies and exceptional operating techniques.


Operating under a company comes with enjoying their fleet benefits. And you will not have access to that when you are independent. You need to diligently keep track of your expenses and understand your cost per mile. You also have to pay for your MC Authority, license, insurance, Tax, fuel, and many more. All these expenses can add up quickly and turn what seems like a great opportunity into a nightmare.


Striking out on your own implies managing all of your paperwork yourself. These include bills, permit filing, receipts, invoices, and compliance documents. Big companies have departments that handle all their paperwork. But you have to do it all on your own and drive, maintain and manage all the other parts of your business.

With the development of new technology and more people ordering and tracking items than ever before, hiring a trucking company to move freight might be the best option for every business. The ability to move goods effectively over long distances is a crucial factor. And trucks have proven to be very affordable and safe. Trucking companies obtain motor carrier permit, IRP plates, and other licenses to operate in intrastate and interstate commerce. They also offer the perfect balance of weight, and the industry is well regulated. Trucking companies with good safety records, top-notch customer satisfaction, excellent service, experience, and expertise offer far more benefits than other means of transportation. With that said, read on as Global Multi Services takes us through the benefits of hiring a trucking company.

Motor Carrier Permit


Trucking companies have the expertise and experience it takes to transport your freight quickly and safely. They have been in the business for many years and have understood how it works. They also have the license and permit to haul. If you want your goods delivered safely, you need a trusted and reliable trucking company. With their right expertise and significant years of experience, they will put you at ease because they know what they are doing.


The faster you get your materials and goods where they need to be, the more successful your business will be. Trucking companies are experts in shipping goods. They know all the required documentation to transport goods from one place to another and have streamlined the process to make it easy and efficient. Using them will save you a lot of time and energy required to manage your fleet and figure out your shipment.


The trucking industry is a regulated industry in the United States. Motor carriers must obtain a motor carrier permit from the Department of Motor Vehicles before operating across state lines. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration also ensures trucking companies comply with safety and commercial regulations by carrying out audits and inspections. These help to eliminate bad driving and reduce crashes and accidents.


Trucking companies offer a wide range of services. These include LTL&FTL truckload shipping, reefer freight, same and next-day delivery, warehousing, freight management, and many more. With this range of services, you can form a relationship with one trucking company that will handle your shipping needs. These lead to cost reduction, allows you to enjoy an exceptional level of service and improved customer satisfaction.


The trucking industry is one of the most dangerous industries in the United States. More than 400,000 truck accidents occur every year, and the supply chain is in constant danger of interruption. Goods and materials are also prone to theft and damage. All these can be reduced by using a trucking company. They have all the licenses needed to transport your freight and have insurance coverage. These help them when things go south during the transportation process.