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What makes a trucking company successful in the United States? The trucking industry can be an exceptional opportunity for those with an entrepreneurial spirit who desire to run a trucking company. But the industry is competitive and requires obtaining many licenses and permit such as UCR Permit, MC Authority, and others.

Your success also depends on doing what satisfies your clients. These include handling and delivering freight in perfect condition, innovation, on-time delivery, safety practices, state-of-the-art technology, and many more.

Freight mishandling, breaching agreements, or delays can lead to poor performance and customer dissatisfaction.  Whether your company is a start-up, established, or growing, here are crucial things that will increase your chances to succeed in the trucking industry.


Building customer trust is one of the best ways to stay ahead of your competitors in the trucking industry. Reliability and building trust means keeping a promise and satisfying your customers. Many new trucking companies often bid a low price to attract more customers but fail to meet their needs. Some do not have the resources, and others do not consider every factor before accepting and signing proposals. These result in unfulfilled delivery, unhappy client, and a bad reputation.


Trucking companies need to be aware of the rules and regulations guiding the trucking industry at the federal and state levels. They must obtain interstate operating authority to operate outside their base state, United States Department of Transportation Number, and comply with the federal and state fuel use tax and vehicle licensing.  There are also specific rules and regulations for hauling different kinds of freight in every state. So, trucking companies must obtain all the necessary operating authority to stay compliant.


Late deliveries can be very problematic for many clients. Not having the smallest component on hand can freeze an entire production or marketing line. Therefore, trucking companies must commit to on-time deliveries. The right equipment to comply with freight hauling must be available before accepting to haul the freight. These allow trucking companies to have loyal customers who stick with them always.


The UCR Permit is a federally-mandated program for trucking companies traveling interstate and international lines. Trucking companies must complete their Unified Carrier Registration and pay an annual fee in their base state according to the total number of vehicles in their fleet. Trucking companies also need IRP, IFTA, Motor Carrier Permit to operate interstate. Let Global Multi Services help you obtain your UCR Permit and other trucking permits to stay in compliance in the trucking industry.


The safety of freight and truck drivers is the most crucial element in the trucking industry.  Reliability and on-time deliveries are often unachievable when these are compromised. Poorly maintained equipment and improper operation of trucks can have disastrous results on customer satisfaction. Sudden breakdown, injuries, and damage caused by negligence can permanently affect the company’s reputation. Therefore, tracking your safety records and drivers’ performance continuously can minimize the potential for an accident.


With more than 500,000 trucking companies in the United States, growing your trucking business can be stressful but, it is achievable. While the industry grows more and more competitive, the best way to remain relevant is to find customers to work with regularly. So, it is essential to take every opportunity to improve your business. These include effective marketing tactics, staying compliant by filing UCR Renewal, and many more. Having the right strategy in place for marketing your business helps build brand credibility and trust. It also increases brand visibility, generates new business, and many more. Read on as Global Multi Services explain different marketing ideas to boost your trucking business.



An online presence is a great way to attract your potential consumers. Having a website is a great way to keep your business relevant in the digital world. Therefore, every trucking company needs an effective website designed by an experienced web professional with graphics and technical skills. These create an online environment that showcases all aspects of your services, such as company history, high-quality images, videos, articles, and info-graphics.

The “Contact Us” page provides an email and a toll-free number for reaching the company. It must also be simple, easy to navigate, and user-friendly.  Nobody is interested in a website that is frequently down, contains dead links, or is outdated.


Social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest are places where people with similar interests come together. It is a simple but impactful marketing tool for your trucking business. Having a social media account builds trust and creates an online reputation. It also helps you connect with your customers and gives you an additional avenue to reach your targeted customers.

Plus, social media allows your customers to rate your work and recommend you to others. When building your social media profile, ensure all the information is correct and include a toll-free number, website link, and many more. You can also have multiple social media account but make sure the information is the same.


Staying compliant is a vital part of your trucking business. Obtaining your IRP Plate, IFTA Permit, filing UCR Renewal, and many more can boost your reputation. Your customers are at peace knowing you have all the licenses and permit to transport their freight. Companies like Global Multi Services make handling paperwork easier and help you stay in compliance without stress. These prevent fines, penalties, and delays.


According to analysis, many companies fail because they do not stay in touch with their customers. Therefore, if you want to stand out and gain repeat customers, you must have good customer service. Send them emails and newsletters about your newest services. Be available to answer their question and update them when needed. Let your customers know you care about them and address complaints with caution. Always remember that loyal customers are the best type of customers.


Trucking companies are responsible for transporting goods for many industries in the United States. They range in size from a single truck to hundreds of trailers. They are a critical function in the economy and make it possible to deliver finished goods to satisfy consumer needs. The trucking business is quite profitable but also has its downside. Trucking companies are required to register for permits and licenses to operate across multiple jurisdictions. These include UCR Permit, New York HUT, MC Authority, IRP, USDOT, and many more. They also need to comply with many regulations given by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration and the Department of Transportation. Read on as Global Multi Services walk us through the pros and cons of using a trucking company.



Trucking companies are undeniably the most cost-effective way to transport freight from one point to another. Trucks are the best mode of transportation and the cheapest of all. They can pick up and deliver goods from any land-based location. It is an attribute unmatched by any other freight mode. They are also the best for transporting goods and raw materials within a short distance.


Trucking companies are responsible for transporting many raw materials and goods in the United States. They are the best for small and large cargo shipments. They are fast, reliable, also the best delivery system no matter the distance.


Trucking companies use sophisticated technologies to streamline their services. These include providing tracking devices and satellite tracking that gives shippers real-time visibility to their freight at all times. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about the safety of your freight. They are a great option for companies that transport large quantities of goods.


One of the benefits of using a trucking company is the provision of multiple services. Trucking Companies provides different services depending on your needs. These include LTL And FTL shipping, warehousing, inter modal transport services, same and next-day delivery, freight management, logistics, and many more. It helps build a relationship and use one trucking company to transport all your goods. It also results in cost savings and better reliability.


The Unified Carrier Registration is a federally mandated program that requires trucking companies operating interstate and international commerce to register their business in their base state. They also need to pay an annual fee, based o the number of vehicles in their fleet. The registration is used to organize safety programs for the trucking industry.


Trucking companies are sometimes expensive for long-distance transportation of goods and raw materials.
These can be very much of high cost for the commodities which are little low graded and are to be transported from one place to another.


Trucks are often affected by traffic, weather conditions, infrastructures, and many more. These can cause a delay in delivery.