Some of the states in the United States, namely four, charge their road tax along with the federal road tax, and one of them is New York. Though the state of New York does not charge highway tax from every commercial vehicle but the vehicles of certain categories, and they also do not charge tax on maneuvering on roads that they charge their toll tax on. The charged tax is primarily based on the mileage of your vehicle on their roads and the weight of your vehicle. This blog is dedicated to all the information one required regarding the New York Highway Use Tax and how Global Multi Services will be helpful to you to get your New York HUT permit.

Eligibility for New York HUT

The following vehicles are required to apply for New York Highway Use Tax:

Those vehicles have a gross vehicle weight of 18,000 lbs and more. Or if you are using the unloaded method to file your taxes, the trucks that weigh more than 8,000 pounds and trucks that weigh more than 4,000 pounds are required to register for New York Highway Use Tax.

And second, those semi-trailers, trucks, tractors that transport automotive fuel, are required to file for New York HUT along with an Automotive Fuel Carrier Certificate.

New York HUT Registration and Decals

For the registration of the New York Highway Use Tax, you first have to be eligible according to their eligibility criteria. Then you could apply either at their official site through New York HUT OSCAR, or you could ask such service-providing companies, like Global Multi Services, to do it on your behalf. Once you get registered at New York Highway Use Tax, you will be entitled to pay your Highway Use Tax quarterly. The New York HUT department will send you quarterly reports at the end of each quarter. Plus, the due date to file your New York Highway Use Tax is the last date of the month following the last month of the quarter.

Once you get your New York HUT permit, you will be given a New York HUT Decal which you have to place on your vehicle’s bumper, as close as possible to the Front Registration plate, or on the rear bumper close to the rear registration plate.

What if you don’t Comply

Those who don’t comply with the regulations of New York HUT and do not register for the New York Highway Use Tax are liable to a fine of $100 to $250 on their first conviction, and a fine of $250 to $500 or imprisonment of up to 10 days or both on second and subsequent conviction.

Why Global Multi Services

The Global Multi Services have experience of more than fifteen years in the field of trucking businesses and providing trucking services to other trucking companies. Filing for the New York HUT is a complex process and one mistake could cancel the whole registration process, so have to fill the form again from the beginning. The highly skilled experts at Global Multi Services register for your New York HUT permit and other trucking permits meticulously and efficiently, and we could file your New York Highway Use Tax.


Although, in the United States, there are federal departments to charge road tax from the commercial vehicles maneuvering on state and national highways. But some states still charge their own road taxes, supplementary to the state taxes, from the commercial vehicles, or the private vehicles of some specific categories, maneuvering on their state highways. Kentucky is one such state. In this blog, I am going to enlighten you about the supplementary road tax that the state of Kentucky charges from travelers traveling on their state highways, also called Kentucky permit, what are its key point, and how Global Multi Services is the best place for Kentucky Filing and other trucking permits.

What is Kentucky Permit?

Kentucky Permit enables you to pay Kentucky Highway Use Tax. According to this Kentucky Permit, all the vehicles that weigh a gross vehicle weight of 60,000 pounds and more, operating on the state highways of Kentucky, are entitled to pay tax, supplementary to other federal taxes, based on their vehicle weight and distance traveled within the borders of Kentucky. It is not like that this rule is just for those who are registered in Kentucky as their base jurisdiction, even those who are not registered in Kentucky but travel interstate and use the state highways of Kentucky, are also entitled to pay this tax. In order to apply for a Kentucky permit, and get your Kentucky Highway Use Tax License, you have to show your USDOT number along with an active operating authority and Unified Carrier Registration License. This gives the Kentucky authorities assurance that you are a licensed and registered motor carrier.

How to be biddable with the requirements of Highway Use Tax

Some states that charge their own highway taxes, make their taxpayers sign a bond which gives the state surety that no matter what they will receive their taxes, and the state of Kentucky is no different. Those who file for Kentucky Highway Use tax have to sign a Kentucky Highway Use Tax Bond. The Highway Use Tax bond works as a kind of extra protection for the state. If you have signed the Kentucky Highway Use Tax bond, you get financial backing from a surety provider who pays for you in an unfortunate circumstance when you fail to file the taxes to the states. But still, you will be liable for reimbursement later. The amount that you have to sign the bond for is based on your fleet size, or how many vehicles of the concerned category you own, and depending on that the bond amount could vary from $1000 to $50000.

Why choose Global Multi Services

Isn’t it better to have all your services from just one service provider instead of roaming to different service providers and different offices for specific services? Global Multi Services is the one-stop for all the trucking permits and trucking services. At Global Multi Services, the experts that provide Kentucky Permits and do Kentucky Filing, along with many other trucking services, are very profound and skilled at their jobs.


Those who have started trucking or trucking business after 1996 might not get the pain and nuisance that truckers operating before 1996 used to go through. Why was that? Before 1996, IFTA was not operating in the whole of the US, but since 1996 IFTA is operating in 48 states of the US, except Alaska and Hawaii, and 10 constituencies of Canada. In this blog, I am going to tell you about the nits and grits of the International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA License), how it has made the truckers’ life easier, and how Global Multi Services is one of the most booming companies in providing all kinds of proficient trucking related services.

What is IFTA?

The IFTA is the abbreviated form of the International Fuel Tax Agreement. This agreement was signed by the 48 States of the US and Canadian Provinces. It allowed the truckers and the fleet owners to pay their fuel taxes quarterly, and also, to pay their taxes based on the fuel charges specific to their base jurisdiction only. Otherwise, before 1996, the IFTA was established only in a few American states but each state used to charge its own fuel tax from the truckers traveling interstate, regardless of where the fuel was purchased. So, by time, this became chaotic, and very expensive too, for the truckers and fleet owners. Plus, as it was not used to be filed quarterly or annually but regularly, it also became an administrative menace for the trucking companies. Now the fuel taxes are just to be filed quarterly, and that too in your base jurisdiction which further distributes it to the states that you maneuvered from in that quarter.

Who are Eligible to get an IFTA Permit

Well, not everyone is blessed with the boon of getting an IFTA Permit as the IFTA has specified some vehicle requirements to get an IFTA Permit and IFTA Decals. The vehicles should lie under one of the following categories to get an IFTA permit:

  • The vehicle should at least have two axles with a maximum weight of 26,000 or 11,797 Kilograms.
  • The vehicles should at least have three or more axles.
  • And at last, those vehicles which have a gross vehicle weight of more than 26,000 lbs or 11,797 kilograms.

If your vehicle falls under any of the above categories and you travel interstate or across borders for commercial purposes, you are eligible to get an IFTA permit.

IFTA License & IFTA Decals

Getting into an IFTA Program and having an IFTA Permit are two different things. Anyone can get into an IFTA Program, but to get a License you have to apply officially with the required documents, plus your vehicle should also fulfill the requirements asked by IFTA.

To get the IFTA Permit and License you have to apply in your base jurisdiction, or if your state does not comply with IFTA you could apply in the neighboring state. The following list of documents are required:

  • USDOT Number
  • Registered Business Name
  • Mailing Address
  • Federal Business Number

Once you get the License you will be given a pair of IFTA Decals for each of your vehicles. And you could also apply for more than one pair of IFTA Decal, which will cost you some $25 for each pair.

How We Can Help

To file the fuel tax reports correctly and enjoy the tax benefits, truckers and trucking companies must keep a comprehensive record of their travel details, fuel consumption, and mileage. The experts at Global Multi Services will help you keep all records efficiently, and help you to apply for the IFTA permit as well, as we deal with all kinds of trucking permits and services.