Many transactions that go on when purchasing a vehicle and one of them is the transfer of ownership. But what exactly is Title Transfer? It is a legal document that holds all the vehicle details and also proves the buyer’s ownership.

The title is important because it establishes the buyer as the legal owner of the vehicle and ensures all legal liabilities of the vehicle are transferred to the buyer. Title transfer is different from Title only, which is issued to vehicles that are not required to be registered. Wondering what you need to.

The certificate of ownership contains all the personal information of the buyer and the vehicle. These include license plate number, Vehicle Identification Number, car description, buyer’s name, buyer’s address, and many more.

It is important to know that all the information needs to be very accurate if you want the title to be valid. This is because nothing can be changed once the title is issued. Unless the vehicle is sold or donated.  If the title has more than one name, all parties must sign before the vehicle can be sold. Read on as Global Multi Services takes us through why Title Transfer is necessary.

Title Transfer Requirements

Title Documents

When changing vehicle ownership, all the original titles should be signed by the seller before reassigning it to the owner.  The buyer should also provide detailed information about the change of ownership.

The information includes the purchasing price, odometer reading, date of purchase, full name, and address. We can help you take care of all this process at Global Multi Services. All you need to do is to get the right signatures.

Insurance Details

Proper documentation about the proof of insurance for the new owner must be provided before a vehicle title can be transferred permanently. The signed title must also be included. Without these essential documents, Title Transfer will not be processed.

License Information

The Title Transfer documents must also contain a copy of the buyer’s driver’s license. The new owner can continue to use the vehicle license plate if both the buyer and seller are living in the same state.

Other Requirements

Other documentation might be required depending on the state the Title Transfer is done. The state may ask for the following documentation:-

  • Notification by an attorney
  • Duplicate of the original title
  • Sign-over title
  • Bill of sale or invoice

Title Only Requirements

Before submitting your Title Only application form, you have to state why you are applying for a Title Only. You will also be asked to submit documents that prove you are the owner of the vehicle. The required documents also vary depending on the applicant’s reason for applying for a Title Only. Here are reasons you can apply for a Title Only:-

  • Out of state repossession
  • Sale of vehicle confiscated by the government agency
  • Vehicle not required to be registered
  • Insurance company settlement
  • Out of state buyer
  • Sales of the vehicle donated to Non-profit organization
  • Out of state IRP Registration


The Kentucky Permit is a one-time permit obtained by commercial vehicles that do not travel through the state regularly. The state requires commercial vehicles to obtain a permit if they travel through Kentucky and has a gross weight of 60,000 or more.

Obtaining the KYU number proofs you have registered with the state and a highway tax form will be sent to you quarterly. This tax form must be filled and returned on or before the due date. You can obtain your Kentucky Permit without stress by contacting Global Multi Services. With our years of experience in helping commercial vehicles file their paperwork, we ensure your Kentucky Filing is done on time.

What Is KYU Number?

The Kentucky KYU Number is a weight distance tax license issued by the state and calculated based on the miles traveled by commercial vehicles through Kentucky. After obtaining your KYU number, you must file your KYU tax quarterly. The KYU Filing should not exceed the due date if you want to want to keep your authorization active.

A trucking company based in Kentucky and operates one or more qualified motor vehicles in any other IFTA jurisdiction must file for the International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA) in Kentucky. Motor carriers will only be issued the Kentucky Intrastate Tax License if they do not operate outside Kentucky,

You are not required to display the truck KYU number on your vehicle. This is because the  truck’s KYU Number is linked with its USDOT number

KYU Number Requirements

Here are the requirements you need to meet before you can get KYC number

  • You must register as an interstate carrier through your USDOT Number
  • Your Motor Carrier number must be active if you are operating as an interstate commercial vehicle
  • Full information of your commercial vehicle including the plate number.
  • Your transportation company must have Unified Carrier Registration and it must be for the current year.

Kentucky KYU Permit Application

The Kentucky KYU Permit is granted within seven to fifteen business days after completing your Kentucky Trucking Application Form online. An assurance letter with your new tax license number on it will be mailed to you if you are granted the permit. If you have issues processing the online application form, you can print the form, fill it and mail it to the office of the Kentucky Trucking Application Office.

For your Kentucky Filing, you must have a KYU account to file your tax electronically. You can make your payment online with a credit card and other means. After completing your filing, you can print a copy for record.

Penalty For Late Filing

The quarterly tax is due on the last day of each quarter and it must be done even if the date falls on a holiday or weekend. Failure to file your quarterly tax report can lead to the cancellation of your KYU license. If your KYU license is revoked, you will pay a Failure to File Fee, interest, and a Post a Bond to reinstate your license.


Applying for your Motor Carrier Authority can be intimidating, stressful, and confusing considering the competing information available online about it. It is also difficult to keep track of all the steps you need to follow. Getting your authority also requires establishing a trucking company, commitment, USDOT Number, attention to detail, and providing all the necessary documents. Read on as Global Multi Services takes us through why every trucking company needs authority.

Meaning Of Motor Carrier Authority

Having your carrier authority means you have the government’s permission to haul freight as a trucking company and get paid for it. The authority is issued through the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) in the form of a Motor Carrier Number. Having a Motor Carrier Permit gives you the ability to choose the type of load you want to carry and also figure out your schedules and routes. This means you have completer freedom on how you want to operate your trucking company.

There are different types of authority depending on the type of freight you want to start carrying and some commercial vehicles might require multiple authorities to cover different types of freight. Some states also require an interstate Authority if you want to carry freight within them. Therefore, you need to apply for a Motor Carrier Authority relevant to your business.

Benefits Of Motor Carrier Authority

It Is Profitable

When you work as a trucker or with an owner-operator for a long time, it’s natural to think of having your authority. The trucking industry is huge and filled with many career opportunities. It also gives you complete independence and also profitable if you’re running your business correctly.

It Gives You Total Control

Although having a Motor Carrier Permit comes with many responsibilities and work, however, it allows you to hire your truck drivers. Over time, you can increase your trucks and drivers. It also allows you to find and negotiate loads.

What You Need To Get A Motor Carrier Authority

Establish Your Business Entity

Having a trucking company is the same thing as becoming a business owner and you have to establish a structure just like every other business. What makes this difficult is that you have different ways to establish your business entity. It might be difficult to figure out the type of business entity to use. But don’t worry, you can contact  Global Multi Services to put you through the entire process.

Apply For Your Authority

Go to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) website and fill all necessary forms for your application. They might ask for truck information such as your Vehicle Identification Number, license plate Information, truck weight, tax ID number, and many more.

After submitting your application to FMCSA, the organization gives a chance of ten working days for anyone to protest your authority. Once this ends, you will be asked to post proof of insurance and your BOC-3 form. Which assigns a business in all the fifty states who receive and forward legal documents on your behalf

After completing the Motor Carrier Identification Report Form and your Safety Certification Application, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration will give you your USDOT Number. This is very important if you have a commercial vehicle operating interstate.  After reviewing your authority, the FMCSA will send you a letter if they approve your Motor Carrier Authority.