Many years ago before the introduction of the IFTA Permit and license to the US, motor carrier drivers were required to purchase fuel permits from each state they travel across. This is often stressful, time-consuming, and causes delay. To improve the trucking industry, officials from some states came together to establish the IFTA program in the 1980s.

The International Fuel Agreement is a joint agreement between 48 states in the US and 10 provinces in Canada that leads to using a single permit. This way the motor carrier IFTA Quarterly Fuel Tax Return will be assessed by one authority which later distributes it to the member states.

How IFTA Operates

The agreement ensures all member states are properly compensated for the use of their road by motor carriers. With the IFTA program, motor carriers only need to return the fuel used in each member state to their base state. The state then collects the taxes, processes IFTA Fuel Tax Return, and distributes the fund to the other states. The base state is also responsible for issuing an IFTA decal, which comes with an IFTA license as proof of IFTA registration.

How To Get IFTA Decal

Before you obtain the IFTA decal, you will need to complete your IFTA registration in your base state or province. It should be the state or province your trucking company is registered in or where your company’s records are kept. After registering with IFTA, you will be issued a license and two IFTA decals to be placed on both sides of your truck. IFTA decal expires at the end of every year, therefore, you need to always renewal to stay compliant.

How To Obtain Temporary IFTA Permit

To stay in business, trucking companies must obtain legal documents and also adhere to the rules and regulations that govern the road. This is why it is important for qualified motor carriers that do not participate in IFTA must obtain a Temporary IFTA Permit to travel across the IFTA member state.

Also, any motor carrier who operates one or more qualified motor vehicles in other IFTA member state other than their base state must apply for must be obtained Temporary IFTA Permit to travel through the member state according to the regulations of each member jurisdiction.

The cost of a Temporary IFTA permit varies from state to state and its validity time ranging from 72 hours to 30 days. Paying for a temporary permit is much cheaper when compared to paying a huge penalty fee for illegal road use. Our job at Global Multi Services is to help you get your permit as fast as possible so you can be on your way.

How To Calculate IFTA Fuel Tax Report

Follow the following steps to calculate your IFTA Fuel Tax Report

  • Track miles travel in each member state or province
  • Record and calculate the total gallons of fuel purchase in each member state or province.
  • Record and calculate fuel consumed in each member state or province
  • Record and calculate the fuel tax of each state or province.
  • Add everything together.

How We Help At Global Multi Services

Global Multi Services is a company with many years of experience when it comes to filing IFTA Quarterly Fuel Tax Return, IFTA Fuel Tax Return, and  IFTA Permit. Our team is ready to explain the IFTA Program to you to get knowledge about how it works. Our system of applying for a Temporary IFTA Permit and IFTA decal is very fast and affordable. Contact us today to get the best services you deserve.


Obtaining IRP Plate or license for your commercial truck or trailers is a very important process. The process is often easy if your truck only operates in your state. But it can be very complicated if it operates across many states. This is because it falls under the requirement of the International Registration Plan.

The International Registration Plan is an agreement that allows motor carriers traveling across one or more jurisdictions to register in their base state and pay an apportionable fee quarterly based on the distance they’ve covered in each member state.

The registration gives qualified motor carriers permission to travel across one or more member states with a single license plate. This agreement is made between the forty-eight states in the US, ten provinces in Canada, and the District of Columbia.

IRP Plate Registration

Before you can register for the International Registration Plan, you have to set up an account in your base state where your motor carrier is registered. Then fill the application form which includes name, proof of residency, telephone number, operational record in the jurisdiction, and many more.

Requirements for IRP Plate registration vary from state to state. Therefore, it is important to contact your base state to know the forms you need to fill and the documents you need to submit. You can also go through the forms on your base state website to avoid delay when you get to their office.

The best way to relieve the stress of going through this process is to find the right partner. Global Multi Services has extensive knowledge about the requirements and documentation regarding IRP Plate. We can help you navigate your IRP Plate registration process and we also help many motor carriers file for IRP Renewal without any stress.

Benefits Of Obtaining IRP Plate

Obtaining an IRP Plate and Filing for IRP Renewal indicates you have paid a registration fee for all the member states you will be operating in during your registration period. Your IRP plate numbers also serve as proof that you have registered in your base state.

Rather than registering in each state you travel through, you will be given a license plate from your base state. This saves you from purchasing a permit at the port of entry of each member state.

What You Need For IRP Renewal

Keeping track of all the distance traveled in each member state is necessary if you want to file for IRP Renewal. The date of renewal varies from state to state and your base state will be responsible for determining the deadline for filing IRP Renewal.

Your base state will send you a renewal application before the deadline. The application contains all the information of the motor carrier currently in your account and instructions for completing your application. You need to complete the IRP Renewal application for each motor carrier in your account.

After sending your application form, an invoice will be sent to you if you meet all the requirements and your application is processed. Once you receive the invoice, you can proceed to payment through mail or credit card.


Whether you recently bought your trailer or just moved to a new state in the US, you need to register your trailer to obtain a trailer plate. It is illegal to drive a trailer without a plate number therefore, a trailer plate must be registered and attached to the trailer for identification purposes. Before you can get a trailer plate, you must follow all the procedures for its registration. This includes a certificate of entitlement, proof of identification, tax bill, vehicle registration documents, bank details, driver’s licenses, and many more. Obtaining a California trailer plates, or Maine trailer plates is quite easy and hassle-free but can sometimes take a long time which can delay your trailer from operating. This is why you need to contact Global Multi Services for quick and error-free registration. We can also help you get a personalized Oklahoma trailer plate for your trailer.

Trailer Registration Requirements

Although every state has different laws for registration, most states require you to register your trailer within 30days of purchase. The registration fee and process vary from state to state and the penalties for not registering are severe in most of the states. Here are some of the requirements for trailer registration.

Identification Of Ownership

Before your trailer is registered by the Department of Motor Vehicle,  you need to provide all the required documents. These include a driver’s license, a signed title to verify you are the owner of the trailer, tax receipt.  A bill of sale that contains the basic information of the trailer such as year of production, weight, ID, and model.

Application For Registration

Fill and submit your application form to the Department of Motor Vehicles. All necessary information should be filled in without error such as Vehicle Identification Number, brand, title application, and others. Without a title, you might not be issued a trailer plate which means you will not be able to drive on a public road.

Payment Of Registration Fee

After submitting your application form to the Department of Motor Vehicle, you will be required to pay a registration fee. The amount varies from state to state and also depends on the trailer weight and other factors.

How To Obtain California Trailer Plate

Here are the steps to obtain a California trailer Plate:-

Register With The California Department Of Motor Vehicle

You must contact the  California  Department of Motor Vehicle within 10 days of purchase to make an appointment for your trailer registration. But if you purchase through a dealer, the dealer might help you with the whole process. According to the DMV, here are the documents you need to complete your registration.

  • Complete application form
  • Proof of ownership.
  • Vehicle license fee
  • Vehicle identification number
  • Bill of sale
  • Tax and registration fee

Change Of Address

Trailer owners with new California residents can report a change of address to the California Department of Motor Vehicles within 10days of moving to notify the department. This can be achieved by using the change of address form on the DMV website.

License Plate Request

There are different types of California trailer plates and before you request a license plate, you need to know the type of trailer plate you need. You can obtain a special interest trailer plate, a plate that allows you to customize your plate to your preference. Or go for a standard trailer license plate.

A permanent trailer identification trailer plate can also be obtained for permanently parked trailers. The processing of the trailer plate often takes between four to eight weeks and is mailed directly to the address on your California Department of Motor Vehicle vehicle record. You need to put your trailer plate on your trailer for identification and verification after receiving it.