With the development of new technology and more people ordering and tracking items than ever before, hiring a trucking company to move freight might be the best option for every business. The ability to move goods effectively over long distances is a crucial factor. And trucks have proven to be very affordable and safe. Trucking companies obtain motor carrier permit, IRP plates, and other licenses to operate in intrastate and interstate commerce. They also offer the perfect balance of weight, and the industry is well regulated. Trucking companies with good safety records, top-notch customer satisfaction, excellent service, experience, and expertise offer far more benefits than other means of transportation. With that said, read on as Global Multi Services takes us through the benefits of hiring a trucking company.


Trucking companies have the expertise and experience it takes to transport your freight quickly and safely. They have been in the business for many years and have understood how it works. They also have the license and permit to haul. If you want your goods delivered safely, you need a trusted and reliable trucking company. With their right expertise and significant years of experience, they will put you at ease because they know what they are doing.


The faster you get your materials and goods where they need to be, the more successful your business will be. Trucking companies are experts in shipping goods. They know all the required documentation to transport goods from one place to another and have streamlined the process to make it easy and efficient. Using them will save you a lot of time and energy required to manage your fleet and figure out your shipment.


The trucking industry is a regulated industry in the United States. Motor carriers must obtain a motor carrier permit from the Department of Motor Vehicles before operating across state lines. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration also ensures trucking companies comply with safety and commercial regulations by carrying out audits and inspections. These help to eliminate bad driving and reduce crashes and accidents.


Trucking companies offer a wide range of services. These include LTL&FTL truckload shipping, reefer freight, same and next-day delivery, warehousing, freight management, and many more. With this range of services, you can form a relationship with one trucking company that will handle your shipping needs. These lead to cost reduction, allows you to enjoy an exceptional level of service and improved customer satisfaction.


The trucking industry is one of the most dangerous industries in the United States. More than 400,000 truck accidents occur every year, and the supply chain is in constant danger of interruption. Goods and materials are also prone to theft and damage. All these can be reduced by using a trucking company. They have all the licenses needed to transport your freight and have insurance coverage. These help them when things go south during the transportation process.


Many people assume that organizations and business enterprises are responsible for keeping the economy afloat. But one industry they often overlook or take for granted is the trucking industry. The trucking industry is one of the most vital industries in the United States. Many sectors rely on them to maintain fast delivery times and transport their goods, materials, and other items safely all over the nation. They transport raw materials such as woods, stones, lumber to medicinal products. The trucking industry stays regulated by making sure trucking companies register for permits and licenses such as IRP Plate, MC Authority, UCR Registration.

Trucking companies are responsible for transporting 70% of freight in the country. Without motor carriers, raw materials and goods will not reach their destination from seaports, rail deport, airports to their destination. It’s no news that without the trucking industry, the economy will be at a standstill. Read on as Global Multi Services explain in detail the importance of the trucking industry.


Virtually all raw material and product is transported by truck at one point, and the trucking industry transport about $140 billion goods every year. According to research, agricultural products, textiles, furniture, stone, petroleum, minerals, wood, and others are hauled by trucks every day. Trucking companies also obtain IRP Plate, which allows them to operate interstate under a single registration plate.


The trucking industry employs more than 700,000 truck drivers with other staff. These have helped reduce the rate of unemployment in the country. Truck drivers go through regular training and frequent drug and alcohol testing.  Because their job is vital to the country’s economy. They also work for long hours and spend most of their time on the road away from their loved ones. The trucking industry also supports manufacturers and consumers by bridging the gap between them.

Flexible AND compliance with irp plate

The trucking industry is very flexible and provides high-quality service. There are different ranges of trucks for different goods. For example, non-perishable goods such as coals, metals, and others are transported with a dry van. Temperature-controlled trucks are used to transport chilled and frozen cargo.


Trucks keep the country’s economy running by delivering raw materials to manufacturers and finished products to consumers or other transportation conduits within the region, country, or world. The economy relies on consumers buying goods and services and will not flourish if consumers cannot find goods to buy. The trucking industry is responsible for transporting everything that we need and purchase.


Meeting consumer demand is an essential factor in every business and is achieved through the help of motor carriers.  The trucking industry hauls about 70% of freights hauled across the country. This has allowed the easy flow of goods from manufacturers to final consumers. The industry has also impacted and contributed to the country’s Gross Domestic Product. Businesses will not be able to operate without the trucking company, and many organizations will not generate revenue.


The trucking industry is one of the largest industries in the United States of America and contributes immensely to the country’s economy. 70% of freight moved in the country is through the trucking industry which has over seven million employees. Without this industry, the country will experience food, and fuel shortages, while the manufacturers will lose revenue and short down within few days. These have made the trucking industry an integral part of the economy.  The trucking industry has over three million truck drivers. To employ the best driver, trucking companies often use the EPN Number.

The Employer Pull Notice is a program that allows trucking companies and government organizations to track the driving records of drivers who drive for them. The EPN Program ensures that each driver has a valid license and other required documents. Truck drivers also have long working hours and stay away from their loved ones, especially the Over-The-Road drivers.  The career can be very demanding but, if you enjoy driving, then it is worth exploring. It is also imperative to do thorough research and have a clear understanding of the pros and cons of becoming a truck driver before choosing it as a career path. To get started, Global Multi Services takes us through some important facts about the trucking career everyone should know.

THE CAREER IS DEMANDING and epn number is necessary

Truck drivers drive for many hours every day and sometimes stay away from their families for days or weeks. These can be hard on them physically and mentally. Stress is also an inevitable part of driving a truck. Truck drivers experience stress when they spend long hours in traffic, finding the right location, avoiding reckless drivers on the road while trying to meet their deadline. The stress of being away from home, and trying to stay in compliance to have a good record on the EPN is often hard to handle. They experience a lot but, the best way to handle the stress is by taking it in strides.


Truck drivers adapt to a lot of things. They travel across many states with different cultures, food, lifestyle, and many more. To enjoy your career as a truck driver, you need to learn and adapt to many things. It might be tough to make a change but, sometimes it is the best thing to do.


As a truck driver, you will be dealing with many people, and communication is the only way to handle and manage them. Therefore, you need to learn how to communicate well with your customers, dispatchers, mechanics, other drivers on the road, and many more.


Truck driving comes with a lot of responsibilities. Before you become a professional truck driver, you need to obtain your commercial driver’s license. You will have drug and alcohol testing, safety training, and many more. Trucking companies also track your driving record using the EPN Number to ensure you stay compliant and beneficial to their company.  Employer Pull Notice exposes hazardous drivers and bad driving behavior. It also reduces traffic accidents which decreases the company’s liability.