When it comes to applying for jobs after receiving your CDL, you might find yourself wondering how to recognize the best trucking company to start your career. There are many options to choose from, and you can earn high pay if you take advantage of the competitive benefits. But, knowing what you want and ensuring the company file IFTA Fuel Tax Return is very important.

Every qualified truck driver has different desires when it comes to working for a trucking company. But finding the right trucking company is often stressful and looks unachievable. Therefore, do your research, compare different companies before making your final decision.

In this blog, Global Multi Services takes us through tips for recognizing the best trucking company.


Pays are very important and a huge deciding factor when it comes to choosing a trucking company.  Do thorough research and ask questions like do they offer performance pay? Do they offer paid time off and deadhead pay?  Find out if the company you are considering gives stop-off payment and many more. Those answers matter and influence your decision. It is crucial to compare different offers and choose the one that best works for you.


When choosing a trucking company, it is paramount to dig deeper and find out the benefits they offer. Know their retirement plan and the type of insurance they provide to their employees. Every truck driver deserves comprehensive benefits that protect them now and in the future. Therefore, make sure the company you choose offers that.


As a truck driver, you will be spending most of your time behind the wheels. So, prioritize your comfort and safety. it is a good idea to consider the quality of the trucks in the company. An unmaintained truck leads to costly delays and many more. Some companies provide new fleets with high technology, and others have older ones. Therefore, visit the companies to determine if their fleets are up to your standards. Also, look for features that improve safety and driver comfort in the truck.


Check each trucking company to ensure they always file their IFTA Fuel Tax Return. This is important for companies that operate in interstate and international commerce. If you are not sure, ask the company about it. Any trucking company worth considering will openly answer all your questions. They will also provide any information you need to make a good decision. Contacting relevant authorities will also allow you to analyze and compare the records of various companies.


Good internal culture and communication impact the success of your career as a truck driver. An unfriendly environment can drain you and affect you mentally.  Check how the staff interacts with each other. You can also talk to their current and former drivers about the company. It is essential to choose a company with a similar culture to your own to work together and build a lasting relationship.


Have you been working with trucking companies for many years? And you are considering stepping out to get your MC Authority? Having your motor carrier authority gives you many opportunities to increase your revenue and grow your trucking business. But it is not for everyone because many people have taken the leap and either burned out or failed.

Running a trucking company takes a lot of additional skills beyond driving. And many great drivers don’t have the business skills necessary to run a successful company. So, how do you know obtaining an MC Authority is the right move for you? Global Multi Services has compiled the cons of having your MC Authority, let’s dive in.


Having an MC Authority comes with the responsibilities of handling new roles in the company. It requires you to be more than just a driver and could have you working for longer hours than usual. You become your company’s CEO, sales and billing supervisor, dispatcher, manager, compliance ad safety office, and many more. These are often necessary if you are developing systems to make your business run smoothly. You may also have to work harder and smarter every week to keep your rig on the road.


With MC Authority, drivers often struggle to find consistent freight at great rates. They are new to the business and have not built lasting relationships with shippers. Giving your load to a trucking company requires trust, loyalty, and experience. Everyone prefers companies with good track records and expertise that they can trust. And many new trucking companies do not have that. These make brokers hesitant to work with them. Growing your business requires you to actively and persistently look for new loads and negotiate your rates.


Trucking companies with the new MC Authority run into a lot of competition for top rates. They will be competing with big companies with years of experience, marketing teams, and loads of loyal customers. And the company can sometimes charge low to reposition their trucks. They will also compete with owner-operators who barely charge enough to keep fuel in their tanks. To build customer trust and increase your brand visibility, you need to adopt strategies and exceptional operating techniques.


Operating under a company comes with enjoying their fleet benefits. And you will not have access to that when you are independent. You need to diligently keep track of your expenses and understand your cost per mile. You also have to pay for your MC Authority, license, insurance, Tax, fuel, and many more. All these expenses can add up quickly and turn what seems like a great opportunity into a nightmare.


Striking out on your own implies managing all of your paperwork yourself. These include bills, permit filing, receipts, invoices, and compliance documents. Big companies have departments that handle all their paperwork. But you have to do it all on your own and drive, maintain and manage all the other parts of your business.


The trucking industry is massive in the United States, with different sectors involved in various areas of the industry. Trucks transport 70% of the goods in the country, which makes the industry a massive market share. With the essential nature of the industry, why do many trucking companies fail? The trucking industry is highly regulated and staying compliant is very important. Trucking companies need to obtain their motor carrier permits, MC Authority, USDOT Number, and many more. Failure to do so can lead to a hefty penalty which can affect the company’s revenue.

They also face many challenges every day, especially the newbies. These include bad weather conditions, accidents, truck breakdowns, and many more. While there are many benefits of starting a trucking company, you also stand a lot to lose. But knowing the reasons other trucking companies fail can help you prevent being one of them. Read on, as Global Multi Services take us through why trucking companies fail.


Resources are an essential part of every business, and it’s no difference in the trucking industry. A standardized trucking company must have good trucks, competent drivers, professional dispatchers with good management, and many more. Without these, meeting customer’s needs and operating with utmost efficiency can be strenuous. These can give the company a bad reputation and make them go out of business within the first few years.


The trucking industry is different from other industries because most sales activities take place outside the business premises. Trucks haul freight from one place to another every day, and a lot of managerial effort is required to keep track of drivers. They need to ensure the drivers arrive on time and in perfect condition. Without good management skills, there might be loopholes in operation leading to customer dissatisfaction. Therefore, it is paramount to recruit employees base on qualifications and experience. That way, the company will have knowledgeable individuals who have a nodding acquaintance with business success.


While the idea of starting a business is exciting, rushing into it can be dangerous. It needs proper research and a definitive plan. Poor planning often led to business failure. Therefore, do your research and understand how the industry works. Know your target customers and partner with professionals to come up with a comprehensive plan. You need a firm foundation, great strategies, and techniques to operate efficiently.


Starting a trucking company requires you to follow regulations given by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. These include obtaining your motor carrier permits, IRP Plate, IFTA license, MC Number, and many more. Every state also has its requirements depending on the type of freight, truck weight, and distance traveled by truck. Failure to stay in compliance can lead to license revoke, leading to business failure.


Running a trucking company is expensive, but your expenses should not exceed your revenue. Therefore, you need to keep track of your cash-flow statements and make quote adjustments accordingly to avoid losing. Make sure your income aligns with your business objectives to avoid business failure.