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We handle all kinds of trucking Permits.

  1. 48 states IRP renewal plates
  2. MC Authority/ICC
  3. New York HUT
  4. US DOT
  5. UCR (Unified Carrier Registration)
  6. Oregon (PUC)
  7. New Mexico WDT
  8. Kentucky Permit (KYU)

MC Authority

MC or Motor Carrier authority is permission that trucking company should take from FMCSA for transporting goods on public roads. If your company work as a for-hire business, transport federally controlled goods, or transport passengers in interstate commerce, you must have a DOT number and an MC number.

Since obtaining MC authority is not an easy task, our experts will help you get the MC authority promptly.

US DOT Number

The USDOT Number serves as a unique identifier while gathering and tracking safety information of a company, agency or operator obtained during audits, compliance audits, accident investigations, and inspection.

Like MC authority, US Dot number is not easy to obtain as one has to go through a lot of paperwork.  Our experts will help you obtain the Dot number hassle-free.

IFTA Fuel Tax Permit:

The states of United States and the Canadian province have an agreement which is known to be IFTA fuel tax permit. It includes:

  1. IFTA Account Setup
  2. 2290 Filing (HVUT)
  3. IFTA Compliance
  4. Additional Decals
  5. IFTA Quarterly Filing

Like other permits and licenses, Global Multi Services will help you in getting IFTA fuel tax permit as well without any worry. Our expert team will guide you in every step and help you getting the permit hassle free.