IRP Plates & IRP Plates Renewal

If you belong to the world of professional trucking, you might already be aware of the term International Registration Plan (IRP). But if you have just stepped into this world and never heard this term, we are here to help you with IRP’s nitty-gritty.

IRP is a reciprocal agreement established between the US and Canada in 1994. It serves the purpose of facilitating apportioned fees collection from a vehicle traveling in two or more states. The fees mostly vary across states and can be calculated based on the mileage covered in a specific jurisdiction and the vehicle’s weight.

In today’s scenario, the truckers don’t have to pay taxes to each jurisdiction in their way. All they have to do is register with their base state, and the officials will take care of the rest.

IRP Registration

Registering your truck is a one-step process. It would help your vehicle to get an IRP apportioned license plate. Since the registration information like the criteria and fees varies from state to state, you need to reach out to your base jurisdiction, province, or state to know about it.

The state registration fees for the apportioned IRP plate are calculated on the basis of your base state, the states included in your route, and gross vehicle weight. Basically, an 80,000 lbs truck with 48 lower states registered under their license will have to pay $1,500-$2,000. However, this amount may change depending on your base state.

Vehicles that you want to register under IRP should adhere to the following guidelines:

  • Have a power unit with two axles and a GVW of over 26,000 lbs, or
  • Have a power unit with three or more axles, irrespective of the weight, or
  • Weigh over 26,000 lbs when combined with GVW.

IRP Plate Renewal

Basically, your IRP plate expires within a year. The IRP sends you a renewal notice comprising mileage reporting, penalty information, and renewal schedules 30-45 days before the expiration date.

Once you file renewal, the IRP will send you a billing notice that you have to examine meticulously to ensure that all the jurisdictions are accurately listed on it. If you find errors, you can contact the IRP office. Then, you can pay via any payment modes.

To renew your plate, you will need various items like:

  • 2290 Form (Heavy Highway Vehicle Use Tax Return)
  • Schedule B (Revenue International Registration Plan)
  • Federal Schedule 1 (For all vehicles having 55,000 lbs or more)
  • A valid copy of the ‘Equipment Lease Agreement’ if someone other than the account holder posses the vehicle.
  • A valid copy of the processed title or the application for the title if the possession has changed.

How Global Multi Services Can You Help with IRP Plate & IRP Plate Renewal?

You might have discovered that how much calculations or math is required in the paperwork of IRP. It takes a lot of time to check, re-check, or to figure out the errors because they can lead to unexpected penalties and fines.

At Global Multi Services, we aim to provide you error-free reports, that too, on time. Our sophisticated software can assist you in tracking expenses, dispatches, invoices, maintenance records, mileage reports, driver pay, and the reports and payments of IRP and IFTA. All you need to do is enter the required information in our software and drive on the road without worries or hassles. Moreover, our software is also reinforced with an incredible feature that allows you to access your information from any computer at any time.

So, approach us to get rid of all kinds of worries and hassles associated with IRP. Our experts will provide you with the best solutions and services.